Doing Yoga in a very open or outdoor space may seem like the better option it has more of a ‘Zen’ feel to it. Yoga relies on the harmony of your body, mind and spirit, which cannot be accomplished with a busy or harsh environment.

And here are more reasons to choose nature stay club for your wellness
  • ‘Mindfulness’ techniques to restore your inner balance.
  • Meditate & Practice yoga in natural environment.
  • Adaption of traditional, time-tested wellness practices.
  • Soft hill sunlight that replenishes your vitamin D levels.
  • We offers daily group yoga sessions adapted for beginner, intermediate and advanced Levels.
  • One daily group Meditation session is included in the stay for all members.

Embark on a trekking adventure, where each trail leads to nature's untamed beauty unfolds with every step.

Begin your journey with the trailhead as your gateway to discovery, your boots forging a path through untamed landscapes. As you ascend, witness the transformation of scenery — from lush valleys to towering peaks, each step unveiling the raw beauty that nature has crafted over eons.

Navigate through winding trails, like chapters of an epic novel, revealing the diverse ecosystems that blanket the mountainsides. Listen to the symphony of nature, the rustling leaves and the distant calls of wildlife, creating a harmonious soundtrack to your expedition.


Embark on a Scenic Expedition: Each Viewpoint Unveils Nature's Canvas in a Symphony of Tranquility and Beauty

Enter the panoramic realm of scenic viewpoints, where tranquility and awe await amidst the expansive landscapes that unfold before your eyes. As you stand at the precipice, each gaze reveals the enchanting magic inherent in the vastness of nature, inviting you to breathe in the beauty that lies beyond the horizon.

In the quietude of the viewpoint, find a sanctuary for self-discovery, where the magic of the scenery mirrors the enchantment within, offering a serene refuge for introspection and contemplation.


At KCC Club, farming is of vital importance at the right methods can ensure the best quality of produce that will be good for us

Our club is surrounded by organic farms where the best farming practices in sustainable organic farming are followed.


Embark on a Serene Hillside Retreat: Each Vantage Point Reveals Nature's Canvas in a Symphony of Tranquility and Beauty

Embark on a journey to the tranquil hills, where every winding path leads to a new perspective on nature’s canvas. Each hillside viewpoint unveils a breathtaking symphony of tranquility and beauty, inviting you to unwind amidst the peaceful embrace of elevated landscapes.

Take a moment to appreciate the quiet serenity that envelops you at every turn, interrupted only by the soft rustling of leaves and the occasional melody of birdsong. Find solace in the embrace of rolling hills that seem to touch the sky, providing a backdrop for the perfect symphony of tranquility.


Embark on a Tranquil Trek along the Nanneer River: Where Each Step Reveals Nature's Beauty Riverside Farmlands and Panoramic Vistas

Water is essential to human life, a person can only live a few days without water, yet can live for forty days or longer with only water as sustenance.

  • Pure nature water with packed minerals, irons.
  • Keep internal organs young and energetic.
  • Blood supply becomes normal for consumers.
  • Supply enough Oxygen & Nutrients.
  • Reviewing & Reversing your age.
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